Payroll Deduction Forms

To enroll in an Employee Store payroll deduction plan, download the appropriate form below, then print, complete, and mail to the address shown on the form. Please read and follow all instructions on the form. If you have questions, please e-mail:

It is the employee's decision as to how much per pay period is taken out of their check (for individual orders only) and there is an area on the payroll deduction form where you would indicate this amount by stating how much to take out per pay period, as well as stating the total dollar amount to stop at when reached for a specific order.

If you choose for deductions to be "on going", this constitutes deductions for a savings plan with no stopping amount. The deductions would continue each and every pay period at the amount written on the form until a cancellation request form was submitted and mailed in.

Here are a few facts regarding the Payroll Deduction program:

  • The Employee Store must have the deduction form with your ORIGINAL signature to submit to payroll. We cannot accept a fax or copy for individual deduction requests. However, this does not apply to group orders, as in the case of monthly features which are processed using their own specific order form with detailed deduction information.
  • The Employee Store will not place your order until we have received your complete deductions from the Corporate Payroll Department. As quoted, no orders are processed until they are paid in full.
  • Employees will see the deductions on their paycheck an average of 1-2 weeks before the Employee Store actually receives the payment for those deductions from Corporate Payroll. Once all payments are received, the order will then be processed and the employee will be sent an email confirmation of their individual order.
  • Group orders for monthly features are sent the email confirmation when the order form is first received. However, group orders are not actually processed and the deductions do not start until after the deadline date of the feature and until the deduction schedule has been established and verified.
  • You may cancel your individual deductions at any time and request a refund by mailing in the signed cancellation form (we must have the original). However, if no purchase is made, a $75.00 processing fee will be withheld from your refund for each calendar year of deductions. There may also be factory imposed cancellation fees and re-stocking fees if the order had been processed at the factory prior to a cancellation request. The employee would be notified of these fees if applicable. As noted above, there will be an average of 1-2 weeks processing time (after our receipt of the cancellation request and depending on your properties pay schedule) for the deductions to actually stop after we receive the form and process the cancellation request with the Caesars Corporate Payroll Department. During this time an additional deduction may occur. The refund will be issued once the deductions are completely stopped and include all deductions taken minus the $75.00 processing fee, cancellation fee, and or re-stocking fee if applicable.
  • You may not cancel Monthly Feature orders or group orders, as in the case of "hot buys". This is clearly noted on the specific order forms for these types of orders and this area of the form must be signed and initialed when the order form is turned in. If it is not, the order request is not accepted and or processed. Employees are notified of this via email.
  • Long term payroll deduction is like a layaway plan. All Employee Store orders are paid in full at the time they are placed with the factory. Therefore, if you were using payroll deduction, your order would not be placed until all deductions were taken and we (August Inc.) actually received those payments from Corporate Payroll.
  • Employee Store quotes are kept on file for thirty (30) days. However, pricing and product availability are subject to change at anytime.

To view the forms, you must have the free Acrobat Reader program. If you don't currently have it installed, you can download Acrobat Reader here.

One-Time Deduction Form

Savings Plan (Multiple Deduction) Form

Plan Cancellation / Refund Form


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